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Croc Experience

Inmerse into the crocodile world and interact with the wildlife in Cabo San Lucas!

Croc Experience - Swim with crocodiles in Cabo San Lucas
Croc Experience - Swim with crocodiles in Cabo San Lucas
Croc Experience - Interact with crocodiles in Cabo San Lucas
Croc Experience - Interact with wild animals in Cabo San Lucas

Crocodile Cage Diving & Wildlife Interaction in Cabo San Lucas

We want you to immerse into the world of crocodiles, having an unforgottable experience being within inches of our giant 4 meter crocodiles in ther own enviroment.

Enjoy, appreciate and know, is what is sought through this experience. Providing the best attention to each of the people who visit this park. With the help of trained personnel and with the appropriate knowledge for the maintenance of the quality of life of this species, it is how the activity of interaction with Kinkajou is carried out, in which you can enjoy a great moment, either feeding, caressing, taking photographs, but above all and more important, knowing and learning about the appropriate treatment for the care and protection of this beautiful species.

In this part of the park it is sought to create a visitor-lemur bond, in which each visitor has the possibility to interact with the lemurs.
To carry out this experience is accompanied by a specialist, who gives them the care and respect that this species deserves.
It is fascinating to observe the majesty of this primate, from its color, to its unmatched form and attitude. Adding a special touch to the park.
It is important to mention that these lemurs were also rescued, in order to be reintegrated back into their natural habitat.
CROC EXPERIENCE gives them a home, full of the appropriate care so they can have a better development; Protecting them from their natural predators, as well as from human beings who profit from the beauty of these incredible creatures and exploit them for an unethical purpose.

From: $69 usd

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Croc Experience

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Park Tour Prices

  • Adult – $99 USD. each.
  • Child – $69 USD. each.


  • Daily at:
  • 9:00 am.
  • 11:30 am.
  • 2:00 pm.
  • 4:30 pm.


  • 2 hour 30 min. park tour.


  • Pick-up at your hotel Lobby.
    Time will be informed to you once your reservation is completed.
  • Activity begins at the provider’s location.


  • Park tour.
  • Transportation.
  • Crocodile cage diving.
  • Wildlife interaction.
  • 1 drink.

What to wear / bring

  • Sunscreen, short pants, swimwear, towel, sandals or tennis shoes.

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