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Doctors and Medical Services in Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico.

Dr. Dennis Cortés

Doctor to Your Door

Cost of consultation from:
8:00 – 20:00: $100 USD.

Cost of consultation from:
20:00 – 07:59: $150 USD.

Procedures such as injection, stitches and IV solutions are charged separately.

Please use the contact information
below to make an appoinment.

Dr. Cortés – Bio & Services Description

Looking for a reliable healthcare provider? Search no further.
I am a general practitioner, I was borned and raised in Guadalajara; with extensive experience in quality medical care to guest in their own villa or resting place; I am passionate for medical attention and customer service.

I am a doctor dedicated to my patients and I understand perfectly since many times being away from home can create concern and anguish of how to solve a medical problem no matter how small it may seem; that’s why I’m here to help you.

Los Cabos is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, which receives mostly American citizens, so it is necessary to have a high level of understanding of the language, as well as professionalism and confidence, you can find them in me.

I studied at the University of Guadalajara, one of the best medical schools in the country, from 2004-2010, and I did professional internships in Bologna Italy in 2008. I graduated in 2010 from the university and I have always been dedicated to work attending emergency services at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, in General Hospital of Zapopan near Guadalajara, Cruz Verde Hospital, always with quality and warmth towards my patients. I have had several training courses about advanced medical attention, I have worked in emergency areas where more than 100 consultations per day are received.

Currently I am dedicated to the attention of guests, both general or family consultation and emergency. I have the ability to deal with intravenous solutions treatments and medications in the room in situations that are not serious or complicated; as well as transfer to hospitals of high quality and excellent service when necessary. I have all the permissions and licenses to work oficially and legally in Mexico.

You and your family can be assured that they can have excellent medical care without having to leave your hotel or your Villa.

Dr. Dennis Cortes.


624 132 1222

Within Mexico: 

045 624 132 1222

Within USA: 

011 52 1 624 132 1222

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